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Rising Palestinian Resistance

Harvard Hillel’s decision to ban us from co-sponsoring events at Hillel has silenced dissident voices in the Jewish community, a disconcerting act itself, given Hillel’s intention to be a space for all Jewish students.

A Caricature in the Crosshairs

Iran is a complicated place, a frequently repressive Islamic Republic that uniquely combines religious nationalist modernity and a theocratic form of democracy.

Civility in the Service of Brutality

We must learn to see through the pleas for humanity when they are used quite shamelessly to cover up inhumanity, and to discern with clarity when the word civility becomes a ploy to distract us from the incivility we are not meant to notice.

Hoodies, Hijabs, and Solidarity

By examining the linkages between Islamophobic and anti-black violence and how they are both justified, we gain a clearer picture of what is at stake in the newest struggle against American racism.

Birthright Palestine

Today, around 4.5 million Palestinians live as refugees, scattered across the Middle East. The one thing that unites all these refugees is their insistence on their right of return to their former homeland.

Fighting Apartheid with Equality

The Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee is excited to co-sponsor the One State Conference at Harvard from March 3-4, 2012. It is our sincere hope that the One State Conference will be an innovative, unprecedented academic forum for discussing the potential of the one-state solution.

Occupy Resurgent and Revolutionary

To those who think that this revolutionary movement will duck its head and go away, think again—Occupy is here to stay.

America: Where War Crimes Are A Way of Life

American troops will not be held responsible for the crimes they commit abroad.

Terrorism or Thought Crimes?

This trial threatens to establish a chilling precedent for civil liberties within the Muslim community as well as within America at large.

Tahrir Comes to Wall Street

Occupy has captured the imagination of a generation and challenged us to rethink how we understand politics as usual. One of the more startling aspects to the movement, however, has been the brutal response.