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“Extraordinarily Rare” Is Not an Excuse

Today we say to President Faust: Climate change is an “extraordinarily rare circumstance,” and it demands the extraordinary action of divestment.

An Open Letter to President Faust

We cannot rely solely on political pressure to weaken the industry and pass climate legislation.

Summers Wrong on Tar Sands

People are finally realizing that society cannot continue to extract new forms of fossil fuels if they care at all about future generations on this planet.

A Coalition of Responsibility

As Americans experience more monster storms, droughts, and wildfires, the reckless practices of the fossil fuel industry will be challenged.

Beware The Spoiler Effect

I acknowledge that our political system is broken and overrun with special interests. But there is a clear choice between President Obama and Governor Romney.

Endowed With a Choice

Divesting our endowment from fossil fuel corporations is not merely a logical response to the threat of global warming. It is the only moral response to a global human rights crisis and the only way to uphold the values of our Harvard community.

This Home is Your Home

Phrases like “climate change” and “global warming” lose their meaning when repeated too often. But when global warming smacks you in the face, you suddenly realize that it’s real.

Earth Day Sucks

The enthusiasm aroused on Earth Day is not sustained and does not create meaningful change.


In light of recent debates over women’s rights and in honor of Women’s Week, I think we could all benefit from a hard a look at the subtle pervasiveness of masculine language in our discourse that even most feminists subconsciously perpetuate.