Hannah M. Borowsky

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Toward Disentangling

Conversationalist. Adventurer. Whimsical seriousness. Peanut butter. If you boiled me down to my very core, leaving only the essentials, that is what you would find. At least I think.

Cannot Concentrate

In fact, we can’t possibly decide what to do with our lives, for we do not know what the world will be like in two weeks, let alone in 30 years.

Being the Majestic Mountain in Harvard Yard

The spirit of FOP need not be squandered come September 1.

A Manifesto on Tight Pants

You see, we can eat right and exercise, but still, on some days, our pants are going to feel too tight. But what we must not forget is that we get to choose what we do with our tight pants.

Money Talks: It's time to take responsibility for what we own

How we make our money matters, and it shapes the kind of world in which we, ourselves, our children, and future generations will live. Money talks, and it’s time our institutions of higher education lead the way in using it to say what we mean.

Thank You, Harvard

We will only enjoy our college experience to the fullest when we can embrace life at Harvard for all that it is, and it is awfully spectacular.