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Is Garber Treating the Encampment Fairly? 11 Former Harvard Activists Weigh In.

As the University has taken more and more stern action against the Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine protesters, many members of HOOP’s coalition have asked: Is this fair? History can offer an answer. In this special package, we present four pieces from organizers of protest movements across the decades at Harvard reflecting on how their activism — and the administration’s response — compare to today's demonstrations. —Tommy Barone ’25 and Jacob M. Miller ’25

Editorial Snippets: Reflecting on a Tumultuous Winter Break

How should we view this moment of Harvard’s history? We asked our Editorial Board’s editors for their thoughts on several key questions, as Gay’s tenure enters the rearview mirror and the University lurches into a new semester — and new era — ahead.

Editorial Snippets: The Post-Affirmative Action Edition

Now that the Supreme Court has declared Harvard’s race-conscious admissions policies unconstitutional, we have once again asked our editors to share their perspectives, offering a snapshot of the mosaic of student responses to the ruling at their most immediate and raw.