Idrees M. Kahloon

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Media and the Man

Put simply, the reason people are voting for Donald Trump is that people want to vote for Donald Trump.

Trumped Up

Bipartisanship has long been lionized, but its core assumption is that both parties have reasonable ideas that emerge from respectful differences of opinion.

Change You Can Temporarily Believe In

Though much remains for the establishment to fret about, it may just be that, these days, the silent and sullen majority stays home—dejected and demobilized, unenthused with the establishment but not wholeheartedly committed to its undoing.

Clinton on the Trail

Clinton seems to be drifting into a familiar panicky pattern that forebodes future setbacks: her fondness for employing family consiglieri to do the dirty work, as if none of the stink will ever make its way back to her.

Islam and Democracy

​Countries with more references to Islam in their constitutions tend to have worse human rights and democracy records. But that may not necessarily be antithetical with liberal democracy.