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Boston Ballet Pushes the Limits with "Thrill of Contact"

“Thrill of Contact” offers up a little bit of everything, from the classical to the avant-garde, from the campy to the brand new, in a program that pushes the boundaries of what ballet looks like.

Joan Chen
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Artist Spotlight: Joan Chen

Actress Joan Chen sits down with The Crimson to discuss her career, film, and speaking at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations conference this upcoming Monday.

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Boston Ballet Revives a Classic

For the most part, the show successfully combines unconventional techniques to take a fresh spin on the choreography and revive this forgotten ballet. Clerc’s clever use of East Asian-inspired gestural phrases and motions challenges the classical ballet repertoire and ties the choreography together in a cohesive and elegantly iconoclastic fashion. Despite its off-putting racial caricatures, the Boston Ballet successfully brings this lesser-known show back to the forefront.


Deputy Secretary of Defense Discusses Wartime Spending and Outlook

There was a theme of “hope” at the Institute of Politics Tuesday night, as United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter detailed a plan for how the United States can make the transition from a war-burdened economy to one that fosters peace and international cohesion.


Boston Ballet Stunning and Surreal

The male company section was especially spectacular when performing in canon. Each dancer got a brief chance to showcase his powerful sous de chat—a dynamic leap in which the dancers separate their legs in midair—in succession. The duet section was similarly constructed as every couple took turns performing unique duets that all revolved around the shared theme of embrace with a repeated flexed foot phrase.

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Portrait of an Artist: Jon Morris

“Performer with Cirque Du Soleil” is a rare credit to see on most resumes, but for Jon L. Morris, it ...

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Harvard Goes "Black in the Day"

The Kuumba Singers celebrate Black History Month with performance and tribute.


'Counterpoint' Leaps to Success

The performance uses innovative multimedia effects and costuming to compliment the choreography and push the boundaries of both dance styles.


Male Dancers Prominently Featured in Ballet

Boston Ballet's Fall Program highlights its male talent.


‘Acts’ Leads to Community Introspection

the play "Unnatural Acts" by Tony Speciale gives a voice to the students silenced by Harvard’s history, but at the same time it grants the audience a concrete moment in time that allows them to see how Harvard has changed.

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Portrait of an Artist: Lucien D. Werner

Lucien D. Werner '13 talks about conducting for Harvard's Bach Society Orchestra.


Gyllenhaal’s Newest Film Backs Down Very Easily

“Won’t Back Down” is a step-by-step manual to produce education reform, not so cleverly disguised behind an emotionally confused leading lady and an underdeveloped script.