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Panel Discusses Challenges of Translation

Scholars face an ethically fraught task in translating a text from one language into another, panelists agreed during a Monday afternoon discussion about translation held in Emerson Hall.

On Campus

"Beowulf" is Woefully Weird

With a mix of folksy belting, thumb war games, and a mock magician’s act, “Beowulf” could hardly be more genre-bending and avant-garde. At times it risks being as raw and in-your-face as Lady Gaga’s meat dress, only longer and less symbolic. Though the show’s direction, lyrics, and overall concept prove so shockingly anarchic that it is hard to digest the performance, its original score and talented singing provides some redemption.

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Translated Tales: "He Who Burns" Explores Sufi Narratives

The Sufi poetry translations in English showed the rich depth of Sufi poets such as Mansur Al-Hallaj and Hafiz, who provide compelling spiritual aphorisms on love and loss. One line in particular reflected both the title and theme of the play. Iblis describes love “to be like the flame of the candle always burning,” thereby invoking the theme of fire and light. All three dancers moved with fluid and effortless synergy, mastering the interplay of strength and softness of movement.

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Young Musicians Bring Classical Greats to Sanders

The Discovery Ensemble will offer a fresh, new spin on Schoenberg, Beethoven and Schumann. The group is also distinctive in its focus on social action initiatives within the Boston community.

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Fantasy and Comedy in "Utopia"

"Utopia, Limited" promises the trademark Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire of clipped consonants and pointed diction along with smatterings of barmy British satire. The musical is politically and socially charged, particularly when placed against the backdrop of America’s own capitalist tale.

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China Through the Looking Glass

Adrian Gordon, a photographer who was born in China but now works in New York, has attempted to document China's recent social shifts.

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Venice Baroque Orchestra To Revive Classical Hits at Sanders

Friday in Sanders Theatre, the Venice Baroque Orchestra will attempt to recreate one of the exemplary epochs in classical music.


94 Students Celebrate Mid-Year Graduation

Ninety-four students were officially recognized Thursday afternoon as mid-year graduates of Harvard College at the Graduate Recognition Ceremony in the Radcliffe Gymnasium.


Beat of the Bay: Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters

“I struggled for years to describe my music until this record, but it’s so obviously rock, it’s so obviously soul.”

On Campus

Vilariño’s Verses Of Silence

Vocalist and performer Sabrina Lastman will deliver her multimedia "Dialogues of Silence," a performance inspired by the works of Uruguayan poet Idea Vilariño, as part of the ARTS@DRCLAS initiative.

Visual Arts

Profile: Harvard Digital Art Club

There are more than 400 officially recognized student organizations at Harvard, but not all of them get the attention they deserve. In these weekly profiles, the Arts Board takes a look at arts groups on campus. Established last fall, Harvard's Digital Art Club holds workshops on web design and software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Interested students can freely attend their weekly meetings, held Wednesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in Science Center 229.

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Music So Bad It's Scary

As Halloween fever sets in to replace the seasonal plague of midterms, it's time to feed the autumnal soul with some truly spine-chilling and ghastly songs. Let's overlook the easy targets, the likes of the Friday-obsessed Rebecca Black, "rather dead than Red" Taylor Swift, and ear-beating Bieber. Instead, let's focus on the following thrillers, which rise above the rest in unlistenability. As you sacrifice the nearest pumpkin to Hecate and get up to no good this October, take a listen to the following horrors.