J. Gram Slattery

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The Myth of the Rising Tide

If the new Congress can’t come up with a new, positive vision for addressing our economic woes, this victory may well be pyrrhic come 2016.

What's So Great About Charlie Baker?

The race isn’t just a referendum on the candidates’ beliefs; it’s also a referendum on the governing culture of Beacon Hill.

Neocons Rising

A new hawkishness has begun to creep in, and it’s creeping in at Obama’s expense.

Playing Devil’s Advocate (Sort Of)

To be sure, some institutional response was appropriate, but much of the response from the Christian community has itself been based on intolerance and the suppression of discourse.

The Meaning of 'Boston Strong'

When I found myself sequestered in my dorm in Cambridge while the police shut down an entire metro area in pursuit of two villains, I felt anything but resilient or tough or pragmatic. Rather, I felt irrational, and, in fact, a bit lame.

The Information Cocoon

Far from broadening users’ political views, social media—at least in the case of Twitter—is creating echo chambers for increasingly cloistered partisan communities.

Roundtable: Was President Faust Wrong to Reject Divestment?

Ultimately, Faust’s statement fails to engage with an issue that she claims to recognize as “one of the world’s most consequential challenges.”

Virtual Unrealities

Eventually, it gets to a point where if we don’t post photos about our adventures or nights out on the town, we fear being perceived as boring.

The Caricatures of Harvard

So it seems that both the right and left have a dystopian image of our school, one in which we’re all brainwashed automata, trained to be either greedy, conformist free-marketeers or hardcore leftists.

The Illusion of Progress

No matter where the next pope comes from, the Church will still be complicit in the death and mistreatment of hundreds of thousands of AIDS victims and homosexuals throughout Africa.