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In Defense of High Frequency Trading

I venture to present my own simplistic morality tale: the small investors are the righteous and weak. Bad regulation, encouraged by Lewis’s misinformation, is the evil. And the high frequency traders will lead the righteous through the valley of darkness that is the stock market.

Long Live the Queen

Yellen has the ability to strengthen the outlook of multiple currencies at the same time.

Better for Bettors

Last week, New Jersey became just the third state to allow online gambling, after Nevada and Delaware opened up the untapped market earlier this year. Those who are physically in New Jersey can now play all the games offered in Atlantic City without getting off the couch.

Moneyball for Admissions

When I read Ruth Starkman’s New York Times op-ed “Confessions of an Application Reader” about her experience as an admissions reader, a scene from the sports movie “Moneyball” came to mind.

Wage Against the Machine

Two summers ago, I landed in Lyons, France with six euros in my wallet, only enough for a meal at the local McDonald’s. I was afraid that I could not name anything on the menu besides “royale with cheese,” but instead of being greeted by a French-speaking cashier, I stood in front of a kiosk that displayed food items in photos and multiple languages. It was effortless to order what I wanted despite the language barrier, and I got my food almost immediately after paying at the same kiosk.

The Warren Bubble Act

Given the poor economics of the bill, I can only hope that Senator Warren’s real intention is to garner publicity and popularity rather than actually implementing her policies.

Winter Is Coming

For a show filled with fire-breathing dragons and Machiavellian politics, Game of Thrones is surprisingly rich with economic metaphors that resemble the world we live in.

Heard 'Round the World

It’s easy for bombings in remote parts of the world to become mere statistics, but the Boston tragedy is a visual reminder of the experiences of those whose daily lives are full of terror.