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Unpaid Internships: A Priceless Experience?

If experience is a currency, who’s paying? Companies and organizations pay interns experience as compensation for their time and labor. Students, in turn, pay for this experience as one would, say, pay to study abroad. And whether the money comes from students, parents, or Harvard’s funding resources, that willingness to pay helps to sustain an increasingly criticized internship system.

Bistro Lev

This year, rumor has it that Leverett Dining Hall has rebranded itself as “Bistro Lev” due to Cambridge zoning laws which currently classify it as an assembly/residence. While we can’t speak to the truth of this, we know for certain that Harvard’s food scene has irrevocably changed.

Panel Discusses Potential Pedagogical Reform

Speaking to a packed crowd at the Graduate School of Education Wednesday night, linguist Noam Chomsky and other panelists argued for an education model that promotes a reciprocal relationship between teacher and student.

15 Hottest... Portraits!

FM's 15 Hottest Freshmen Issue (coming out this Thursday!) celebrates the beauty of our campus's newest faces. What about some of the oldest? Flyby is proud to present Harvard's Fifteen Hottest Portraits (2013 Edition).

This warm, avuncular face, framed by the emblematic yellow walls of Lowell Dining Hall, can't wait to give you a hug. Or tell you a story. Or something!!

Senior Admissions Officer David L. Evans keeps a watchful eye on students as they enter (and hopefully) exit Lamont. He is the front desk’s second pair of eyes, making sure you open your laptop case, and the front pocket of your backpack on your way out.

Is she wearing a pendant or an amulet? Either way, don’t mess with this cool, calm, and collected lady, who lives in Lowell House Dining Hall.