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John Glenn and the Limits of Possibility

Glenn was a lionhearted warrior, an undaunted explorer, and a judicious statesman. He was a hero in traditional modes perhaps unrivaled by any American in the last century.

#emBODYindia gallery

The Harvard U.S. India Initiative’s “emBODYindia” campaign published its first post at midnight on Thursday, and fewer than twenty four hours later, is already attracting international attention.

Hot-Crazy Scale: Q Guide Edition

It’s often difficult to make sense of the Q, Harvard’s rating system for workload and satisfaction of classes based on evaluations from former students. What does a 3.48 workload actually mean? Should I take a class with a 1.98 workload burden even if I won’t get satisfaction from taking it?

Oh, I’m (Fill in the Blank) This Summer

Over the summer, some students will have internships with leading innovators, like SpaceX or Facebook. Some will take on world-changing service projects. Others will work to save up for the busy school year. Others yet will… well… not be doing such amazing, life-changing things. Here’s Flyby’s guide to describing your not-so-thrilling summer plans.