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Come at Me, Bro

This is an argument that the College’s campaign to make final clubs go co-ed might be a battle not worth picking, or at least one with larger consequences than Harvard suspects.

Royall Must Live

If the Law school changed its crest, it would simply generate a “so what?” question. It would serve no political or symbolic good, while effectively exempting the need for any conversation on the subject.

Is This CS50?

The University should be supporting its biggest and best classes. But Harvard must make clear to what extent the value of the unique perks backing CS50’s growth outweigh the University’s commitment to its liberal arts model.

Toward a Better Housing System

My suggestion is that the University allow blocking groups to list their House preferences one through twelve, as under the past system. Then, much the same as the process for handpicking freshmen for each Yard dorm, House masters would handpick blocking groups with knowledge of their preferences, while ensuring diversity in each House.

Harvard’s Homelessness Dilemma

Harvard could allocate more funding to the Square’s three homeless shelters and help develop the necessary programs to get homeless individuals on their feet. Harvard could also help in terms of housing.

Are Harvard Students Hillary or Trump?

Perhaps the next year will show Harvard students aligning with the former, evidently content with America’s establishment politics. Or perhaps we will see a demographic fed up with the current state of politics and ready for a new approach. Either way, it will be telling about what type of “future leaders” Harvard students will turn out to be.

Defending That Big Charitable Donation

By criticizing Paulson’s gift, one neglects both the practical and intrinsic value of his contribution.

Divestment, Ferguson, and Student Activism’s Failure

To reshape the activist culture on campus, the very essence of activism must change.