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Recap: Death Looms in ‘Big Little Lies’

We’re rapidly approaching the final episode—the moment when somebody dies a violent death—and we need to really start believing that all of this emotion can spill over into brutal physical violence.

Recap: Fear and Loathing in ‘Once Bitten’

It’s a devastatingly well-crafted episode, especially in these moments of immense and submerged emotional complexity, but it succeeds primarily because all of the agony rings so intensely true.

Dirty Secrets in ‘Living the Dream’

'Big Little Lies' takes the conventional wisdom about gas-lighting and outright deceptive abusers and suggests a more complex narrative, a world in which deception can be attractive, subtle, and directed inward on both sides.

'Serious Mothering' Both Twisted and Brilliant

By the logic of most shows, then, episode two would begin with the revelation of the corpse’s identity and then get moving in typical police procedural fashion.

Ink and Paper: Creative Writing at Harvard

The selection process for creative writing workshops is notoriously competitive, but those lucky and skilled enough to earn a slot have a rich world of academic and personal growth to look forward to.

15 Minutes with Toni Morrison

​Toni Morrison, author of 11 novels and recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, the American Book Award, the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, delivered a series of lectures on race and identity as the Norton Professor this past year. She spoke to The Harvard Crimson during her stay in Cambridge.​