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Street Eats: Velozo's Food Service

Velozo's Food Service has been a Harvard campus staple serving students, faculty, and visitors of Harvard University for over fifty years. Meet Dean Veloza, the main who runs a food truck with his wife that his father began in 1960.

Representing HUDS

A crowd of HUDS workers, students, supporters, and a live band rallies in front of the Smith Center on Tuesday evening for Local 26, a Boston union that represents hotel and food service workers, including HUDS employees.

Protest for HUDS Employees

Harvard students and employees participate in a Local 26 protest on Tuesday evening in front of the Smith Campus Center. HUDS employee Fatima Leighton states, "I love working with the students, and I treat them with respect. My own daughter is in college and I hope she is being treated as I treat Harvard students." Local 26 represents hotel and food service workers in Boston.