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Cherie Z. Hu

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Twitter and Journalism: Reclaiming the Hunt

The rise of Twitter-based journalism has bastardized this collecting culture by reducing the “hunt” to passive scrolling through newsfeeds, and the required “expertise” to practically nothing.

Collaboration as Modern Narrative: A Conversation with Members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum

Cherie Z. Hu reflects on the goals of "artistic matchmaking" by investigating an upcoming example of artistic collaboration.

Art as a Different Reality

Cherie Z. Hu speaks to artists Michael B. Luo and Alex P. Beyer about the relationship between art and reality.

The Universal Language of Art

Cherie Z. Hu discusses art as language.

The Artistic Space-Time Continuum

Cherie Z. Hu talks to composer Sean K. Rodan and visual artist Jiye Ha about their work and the intersections of space and time in art.

The Role of Metaphor

Cherie Hu describes the artistic visions of Miriam A. Huettner '17 and Sam Wu '17 with regards to metaphor.