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University President Drew G. Faust
Central Administration

In D.C., Faust Calls for Government Backing of Universities

Faust said the renown of American universities is “contingent” on continued federal support during a panel discussion with university presidents in the nation’s capital.

Inaugural Year of New Title IX Policy

Between Harvard and Office for Civil Rights, A Symbiotic Relationship

As Harvard has searched for administrators to lead its Title IX office and bolster efforts to comply with federal guidelines, it continues to turn to staffers with firsthand experience in enforcing them.

University President Drew G. Faust
Central Administration

Faust Says ‘Fair Harvard’ Change is Warranted Reexamination

University President Drew G. Faust said Friday she views the change as important to the University’s reexamination of its history.

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust

Sanctions May Be ‘Interim Step’ in Broader Effort, Faust Says

"It might turn out to be an interim step if we felt that the policy had not succeeded in addressing the concerns about exclusion and hierarchy," Faust said.

Halley on Steps
Harvard Law School

Students, Profs Skeptical of Title IX Office Restructuring

Student activists and professors question whether the restructuring of Harvard's Title IX Office's will lead to substantive improvements.

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting
Central Administration

Title IX Office to Restructure, Split into Two Offices

Harvard’s Title IX Office will split into two distinct offices—one for investigations and one for training and resources—in an administrative restructuring.

Immigration protest

Harvard Files New Amicus Brief Against Immigration Order

​Harvard argued that President Donald Trump’s latest immigration order imperils its educational missions in an amicus briefing it filed Friday.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Students Rally in Defense of Title IX

​Student activists rallied in Harvard Yard on Friday, calling on federal officials and Harvard administrators to commit to enforcing anti-sex discrimination law Title IX.

Harvard International Office

Fast-Track Visa Suspension Could Jeopardize Hiring

The premium processing freeze may prevent or delay the hiring of international faculty and researchers.


Court Denies Harvard Motion to Dismiss Title IX Lawsuit

​A lawsuit that challenges Harvard’s compliance with anti-sex discrimination law Title IX will proceed after a federal court ruled Friday to deny the University’s efforts to dismiss the suit.

University President Drew G. Faust Addresses the 2016 Harvard Alumni Association Meeting
Central Administration

Faust Kicks Off Asia Trip in Singapore

University President Drew G. Faust spoke to alumni in Singapore Sunday during the first stop of a trip in Asia to promote Harvard’s global impact.

Year in Review - Pfister: Talk

University Committee Considers Adopting Affirmative Consent Standard for Title IX Policy

​A University-wide committee tasked with reviewing Harvard’s Title IX policy has discussed adoption of the “affirmative consent” standard—a standard the University has consistently rejected—in conversations about re-wording the policy.

Travel Ban Rally

Harvard Affiliates Protest Revised Immigration Ban

As Harvard administrators work to respond to Trump’s revised immigration order, hundreds of Harvard affiliates and local residents rallied against the order.

A Conversation on Universities and Slavery

Conference Encourages Reparations for Harvard's Ties to Slavery

A Friday conference brought Harvard’s extensive historical connections to slavery into sharp relief, with some participants encouraging the University to consider monetary reparations.

University President Drew G. Faust Addresses the 2016 Harvard Alumni Association Meeting

Sharpening Critiques of Trump's Policies, Faust Talks Federal Policy at Bloomberg Event

​University President Drew G. Faust traveled to Washington D.C. Monday for the second time this year, promising at a media roundtable to continue lobbying lawmakers on Harvard’s key policy priorities under the Trump administration.