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Elizabeth Y. Sun

Elizabeth Y. Sun '19 is an Associate Editorial Chair for Op-Eds and Staff Editorial Writer living in Eliot House. She is studying Social Studies and is originally from Macomb, Michigan. Her interests include politics, ethnicity, and travel.

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Not Just “Asian”

It is precisely because my parents have sacrificed so much for my education that I, an Asian American, find affirmative action necessary for a fair definition of merit.


Evil Women

When a woman blunders, she mars the face of all womankind. Yet this idea of generalizability applies only to women, not to men.


I am Not Your Enemy

Using exaggeration and shame to deny the tension of real nuances is both ignorant and irresponsible.


​130 Pounds

If real change is to be made against the social discrimination towards non-models, it cannot simply be about accepting yourself. It must also be about expecting acceptance from others.


​We the Meritocracy

In between all the my-god-please-learn-how-to-suck-it-up fits, there were more than enough moments where I couldn’t help thinking bitterly that the expectations being put onto them were unreasonably high.


​To Those Who Made Me Cry

I might have been alone, but my race is not a race of one.


Lost in Kyoto

Standing in a busy Kyoto subway corridor quite far from my "current location" and "home," I was the most lost I've ever been.


Dissent: An Unnecessary Investment

As managers of such enormous endowments, institutions like Yale and Harvard have a responsibility to use their resources to further the mission of the institutions. Investing in companies who profit by destroying our future is incompatible with Harvard’s mission.


Fantasizing Flint

We have crises not because they are unavoidable, but because when we are too close and too influential, we are also too tired and entangled.



Because those slips of identity that I wrote down can’t be throw away.


​Once in a Blood Moon

But when the rust red had faded and homework had regained its throne, a lurking thought from the past rematerialized. What if I don’t see the future? What if I don’t see the next blood moon?