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Elizabeth Y. Sun

Elizabeth Y. Sun '19 is an Associate Editorial Chair for Op-Eds and Staff Editorial Writer living in Eliot House. She is studying Social Studies and is originally from Macomb, Michigan. Her interests include politics, ethnicity, and travel.

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Why Palm Readers Make Good Counselors

Her explanations as to why I ought to do these things may have been pseudoscience, but the positive habits she helped me adopt were not.

Lies or Excuses?

Most of the colds I had sophomore year weren’t actually colds. They were depression.

Counseling. How.

If you need help, go get it. Far too many of us have dealt with mental illness or know a friend who suffers from it to stay quiet.

My Love Affair With Ibuprofen

It is only through the superficial happiness of antidepressants that I was able to achieve the real happiness that I feel today.

Not Just “Asian”

It is precisely because my parents have sacrificed so much for my education that I, an Asian American, find affirmative action necessary for a fair definition of merit.

Evil Women

When a woman blunders, she mars the face of all womankind. Yet this idea of generalizability applies only to women, not to men.

I am Not Your Enemy

Using exaggeration and shame to deny the tension of real nuances is both ignorant and irresponsible.

​130 Pounds

If real change is to be made against the social discrimination towards non-models, it cannot simply be about accepting yourself. It must also be about expecting acceptance from others.

​We the Meritocracy

In between all the my-god-please-learn-how-to-suck-it-up fits, there were more than enough moments where I couldn’t help thinking bitterly that the expectations being put onto them were unreasonably high.