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Growing Tech Industry Offers Jobs for Variety of Backgrounds

​As College seniors attend interviews and weigh job offers this winter and spring, many increasingly find themselves turning to the technology industry, which has created more job opportunities for college graduates in nearly every field of study.

Summer Funding Fair Simplifies Harvard Resources

With summer job and internship application deadlines approaching, many Harvard students are beginning the search for summer internships, research positions, and funding. A Office of Career Service fair Tuesday afternoon aimed to demystify the process and connect students with summer opportunities.

Fraudulent Job Postings Found on Crimson Careers

Harvard students last week received an email from the Office of Career Services warning against fraudulent job postings on the job and internship database Crimson Careers.

Students’ Interest in Tech Careers Soars in Recent Years

The popularity of the the Office of Career Service’s Big Data Analytics & Technology Fair makes apparent the rise in the number of Harvard students pursuing careers in the technology sector.

Documentary Cautions Against Clandestine Cyber Warfare

​Director Alex Gibney called for a national discussion on cyber warfare at a screening of “Zero Hour,” his documentary on the details of a U.S.-Israeli cyberattack on Iran's nuclear program.

Native American Artist Focuses Lens on Women’s Rights

​Native American artist Matika Wilbur addressed issues of cultural marginalization and the violation of women’s rights in indigenous populations through her photography exhibition at the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study on Thursday.

Brookings Fellow Lays Out Transition Plan for New Middle Eastern Regimes

In his new book on unfinished revolutions in the Middle East, Brookings Institution Senior Foreign Policy Fellow Ibrahim Fraihat proposed that new governments lead inclusive national discussions to avoid violence and civil war.

'Tonight Show' Drummer Connects Music and Food

Questlove Gomez, co-founder and drummer of The Roots and bandleader for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” highlighted the connections between cooking and music in a Tuesday discussion with New Yorker writer Ben Greenman and two chefs.

Law School Hosts International Legal History Day

Current and post-graduate students in the Law School’s S.J.D. program heard presentations on topics ranging from the promotion of religious freedom abroad, to the limits of territorial jurisdiction at the annual International Legal History Day on Thursday.

Amidst Terrorism, Italian Leader Calls for Investing in Education

Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi called for greater investments in culture and education, in addition to national security, to stabilize current political and economic unrest in Europe on Thursday.