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Caleb J. Esrig

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Silent No Longer

This week is the annual Israeli Apartheid Week run by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee. For the past few years, we have watched it with dismay.

From Bacow, a Lesson for the Nation

The U.S. might be turning its back now on the parents of a future Harvard president. It might be ending his or her story before it begins. Trump should be watching.

Better Brain Break for a Better Harvard

House dining halls are open for the duration of the night. They are expansive common spaces, ripe for the fostering of collaboration and cohesiveness. Yet they lack the bustle they should have.

Save Our Time

In sum, everything will get harder. Those lunch plans with friends? Try juggling staggered 75 minute class blocks at random times. Even students in SEAS will see little benefit.

The Next Step for the Housing System

By creating a community early on, a freshman-inclusive House system will discourage students from filling the void with exclusive single-gender organizations.