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Jacob A. Fortinsky

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The Rigged Electoral System

As we progress into election season and people continue to debate whom to vote for, it is important to remember that the system is rigged against those behind bars; they are unfairly barred from voting and deliberately misrepresented.

Why the Mandatory Unlimited Meal Plan is Unfair

Abandoning the requirement for all on-campus students to have unlimited meal plans would go a long way in lightening the financial burden that many students carry and in increasing the ability of students to control their diets.

Harvard Ought to Be an International Institution

Harvard should actively work to make it easier for international students to apply and to increase the proportion of international students in the College, in the name of both diversity and equality.

Silent No Longer

This week is the annual Israeli Apartheid Week run by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee. For the past few years, we have watched it with dismay.

Toward a Better Israel-Palestine Conversation

The current conversation regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both within Harvard’s Jewish and Arab communities and on campus as a whole, lacks nuance.