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Danielle Allen

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Academic Freedom and Free Speech Are Distinct. Both Matter.

All year we’ve bandied about phrases like “civil discourse,” “open inquiry,” “academic freedom,” and “free speech.” It’s time to clarify them, and what living by them requires.

Letter to the Editor: Clarifying My Final Club Motion

The so-called “Allen motion” currently on the table is very simple and, I believe, represents a middle way between the two poles of the argument.

A Report From the Frontlines of the Free Speech Wars

To my mind, full-throated political engagement belongs on op-ed pages and in the hard work of citizenship. That said, faculty members should not be “watchlisted” if they make other judgments than mine about how to deploy academic freedom.

Veritas for All

If the campus can’t support the flourishing of all, we make good neither on the promise of diversity nor on the promises made to each new member of the community.