Anwar Omeish

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A Thousand Possibilities

We — students, workers, administrators, faculty — must hold and be held accountable to realizing transgressive politics at the University and beyond it, not as saviors but as partners in collective worldbuilding.

University Ethics and the Spirit of Accountability

To engage the world around us with moral courage, we must build systems that genuinely empower local and otherwise non-Harvard voices in our decision-making.

Critique of Militarized Reason

The impact of this funding is clear: It underlies the sordid history of the 21st century’s well-documented travesties in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others less-documented across the world.

Negligent Forms of Academic Life

Rather than seeing these truths as they are — consequence and concomitant of theory — we push them aside, failing to acknowledge the assumptions and limitations of our own intellectual tradition.

Eyes Upon the University

We — Harvard, the American university, modern education — quite simply lack the courage it would take for us to build liberatory and transformative institutions.

Continuing Conversations: Ethnic Studies at Harvard

You are part of a long legacy of student action, and the need for thoughtful conversation about race and ethnicity is greater now than it has ever been before.