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‘Doctor Sleep’ Shines, Despite Its Flaws

Though the film suffers from a hefty length, some failings, and a heavy reliance on Kubrick’s original film, “Doctor Sleep” is a worthy addition to the King filmic canon and it succeeds in repairing many of the mistakes made by its predecessor.

Take a Stab at ‘Knives Out’

This Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery is a special, unique blend of humor, mystery, and intrigue that keeps viewers guessing until the end, and it almost lives up to the lofty expectations that it sets for itself.

Watch ‘Us’ Twice

In comparison to its predecessor, “Us” falls a bit short in depth and intrigue, but it still confirms Jordan Peele’s status as one of Hollywood’s most promising and capable storytellers.

'Into the Dark': 'The Body' is Dead on Arrival

With future episodes being undertaken by different writers and directors, the show’s future could be promising. Suspend judgment on the series as a whole until more episodes have come out and give Episode Two a chance when it premieres on Nov. 2. But until then, skip “The Body” in the hopes for a brighter future for the series.

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ is a Good Time at the Movies

Since direction of the plot is unexpected, the film is never dull, as simple moments can have large consequences and effects. Near the middle of the film, as two characters have a tense discussion in a car with one pointing a pistol at the other, we are never entirely sure whether or not that pistol will go off and, if it does, who will be on the receiving end of the bullet.