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Molly Leavens
Fifteen Most Interesting

Molly Leavens

Her love of chocolate, food, and the environment pervades her life.

Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Divinity School Seeks to Improve Financial Aid Program

The Harvard Divinity School announced earlier this fall that, in an effort to improve financial support for low-income students, all donations to the Divinity School Fund in fiscal year 2020 will go toward strengthening the school’s financial aid program.

The Scoop

Restoring the Vote in Massachusetts Prisons

State Senator Jamie B. Eldridge says the 2000 Massachusetts constitutional amendment is fundamentally anti-democratic. “It’s a disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts African Americans and Latinos, given the makeup of our prison population,” he says. “So I see it as another form of a sort of modern Jim Crow.”

Second First Veritas Seal

But for the Grace of Henry Dunster

In 1639, only twelve months after offering its first classes and three years after its creation, Harvard closed its doors to students for a year.

Celebration of Scholarships Graphic

Who Does the Celebration of Scholarships Celebrate?

First generation and lower-income students benefit enormously from financial aid; they are also the only students asked to attend the Celebration of Scholarships and navigate the potentially uncomfortable social situations within.

Stephanie Paulsell

Paulsell Announces ‘Pilgrimage’ Theme for Memorial Church

Paulsell said in an interview that the concept of pilgrimage seemed well suited in characterizing the church’s leadership transition. She said that she considers pilgrimages to be “transformative” since they enable people to think about themselves and their relationships.

Robert Reid Pharr

Robert Reid-Pharr's Task to Thrive, Regardless

For Robert Reid-Pharr, cultural production allows people to understand that their humanity is “so much broader and so much grander than the things that oppress us.” Thus, he strives to write “in a way that actually feeds the soul.”

Bacon Truck
Around Town

Bacon on Wheels

There are a half-dozen food trucks offering everything from lobster rolls to curry, but the dominant smell is that of smoky, greasy pork. The overwhelming scent wafts from the Bacon Truck, a millennial pink pigmented vehicle decorated with cartoon rashers.

Matteo's Nainai

When Will He Learn Chinese?

I had imagined my first conversation with Nai Nai and Gong Gong dozens of times: Greetings, ask how they’re doing, say that I’m happy at Harvard. It would be slow and awkward; I’d stumble and ask them to repeat themselves; we’d all wear broad grins.

Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Divinity School Adapts to Swartz Hall Renovation

The building is undergoing its first renovation since 1911. To adapt to temporarily losing access to the large, historic building, the Divinity School moved several administrative offices, classrooms, and other spaces to 60 Oxford St., a five minute walk from Swartz Hall.

Lenten Speaker Series

Paulsell to Serve as Interim Minister at Memorial Church

Harvard Divinity School Professor Stephanie A. Paulsell will serve as interim minister of Memorial Church, University President Lawrence S. Bacow announced in an email Tuesday.

Dana-Farber Memory Cells
The Scoop

Proustian DNA

For centuries, scientists have debated how cellular complexity develops. Today, the “unopened question” of how cells acquire different identities centers on epigenetics — the study of how genes are turned on and off, rather than the changing of the DNA sequence itself.

Div School Tree
Harvard Divinity School

After Months of Student Protest, Harvard Divinity School Tree Chopped Down

After months of impassioned protest and community meetings, Harvard Divinity School’s storied oak tree near Andover-Harvard Theological Library was felled Friday morning.


An Asian-American Awakening

The minority student orientation banquet of 1976 can be viewed as a microcosm of the common history binding Asian Americans together — a history of exclusion and assimilation, of invisibility and protest, of being “forever foreign” and “model minority” all at once.

Tern, Not Gull

Trap and Release

Hundreds of grey wings, not quite in rhythm, beat against a hazy, pink and yellow sunset; rippling waves below reflect their own, darker version of the scene.