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Matteo N. Wong

Matteo N. Wong is the Magazine Chair of the 148th Guard. He can be reached at

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Podcast: Under Review Ep. 3

In Episode 3 of Under Review, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham try to understand what makes a diversity review successful — and what, exactly, defines success — by looking at the most important diversity review at Harvard from recent years.

Podcast: Under Review Ep. 2

In Episode 2, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham rewind 40 years to the story of the 1980 report, “A Study of Race Relations at Harvard College,” and ask why it seems to have been forgotten in recent University climate survey efforts.

Podcast: Under Review Ep. 1

In Episode 1 of Under Review, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham explore an incident of police violence against a Black undergraduate from April 2018, the resulting review committee, and its reverberations to the present day.

Avril Saavedra

Growing up undocumented in New York City, Avril Saavedra was jealous when friends grumbled about extended family gatherings — those grumbles seemed like a privilege. Now, during a time when many Harvard students are physically isolated, she has been able to reconnect with family members in Uruguay she hasn’t seen in years.

Free Fall

Harvard spent months planning a fall semester in the hopes of avoiding a repeat of the spring, when workers were exposed to the full force of the pandemic — including at least one who contracted COVID-19 after cleaning President Lawrence Bacow’s residence on March 19. Yet this fall, workers continue to face new iterations of the same anxieties over workplace safety and economic security.

The Digital Mental Health Revolution

“How do you immediately increase access to medical healthcare in a scalable, reliable way?” asks John Torous, the director of the digital psychiatry division at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “It really does have to come down to a technology in the smartphone.” Meet the man at the forefront of the digital mental health revolution.