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Olivia G. Oldham

Olivia G. Oldham is the Magazine Chair of the 148th Guard. She can be reached at

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Podcast: Under Review Ep. 3

In Episode 3 of Under Review, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham try to understand what makes a diversity review successful — and what, exactly, defines success — by looking at the most important diversity review at Harvard from recent years.

Podcast: Under Review Ep. 2

In Episode 2, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham rewind 40 years to the story of the 1980 report, “A Study of Race Relations at Harvard College,” and ask why it seems to have been forgotten in recent University climate survey efforts.

Podcast: Under Review Ep. 1

In Episode 1 of Under Review, hosts Matteo Wong and Olivia Oldham explore an incident of police violence against a Black undergraduate from April 2018, the resulting review committee, and its reverberations to the present day.

Lucy Li

When Lucy Li and her peers at the Harvard College Open Data Project designed their January 2020 survey of the Harvard student body, COVID-19 “didn’t really seem like such a big deal.” Li is now back home in Kansas City, Kansas — and all that's changed.