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Awnit Marta

His first name alone — Awnit — reflects his family’s history: “My name is spelled with a ‘W’ ... [and] in Dutch, the W is pronounced as a V. So in British English or American English, it would be written with a V — that in itself speaks to who I am.”

Migratory Language

Yiddish belongs to many, exists all over, and yet, as Feldman notes, “Students can’t go study abroad in a Yiddish land.” It is now considered a language of migration and marginality.

When ‘He’ Isn’t God Anymore

It’s 1971 at the Harvard Divinity School and someone has just referred to God as a man. In response, several dozen students pick party noisemakers off their desks and blow. They fill the room with high-pitched, fart-like squawks.