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Olivia G. Oldham

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Dorm Crew Office

A Clean Start?

The structure of Harvard’s pre-orientation programs, some students argue, divides those who can forgo a paycheck from those who cannot.

Sara Feldman

Migratory Language

Yiddish belongs to many, exists all over, and yet, as Feldman notes, “Students can’t go study abroad in a Yiddish land.” It is now considered a language of migration and marginality.

Abandoned House

Breaking and Entering

The ladder was decades old and rusted over. It clung to the side of the building; I had nowhere to fall except the neighbor’s backyard, five stories below.

Free University Archives

Harvard’s Free University

Free schools were cropping up across the country, promising the kind of free-access, progressive education conventional institutions seemed to lack.

Cadmium Yellow, Light
Art Museums

Rhapsody in Rainbow

Pink is "not historically a color.”

Harvard Divinity School

When ‘He’ Isn’t God Anymore

It’s 1971 at the Harvard Divinity School and someone has just referred to God as a man. In response, several dozen students pick party noisemakers off their desks and blow. They fill the room with high-pitched, fart-like squawks.

For Whom the Bell Lowells
Around Town

Notes from the Underground Bells

The bell ringers remain patient, awaiting the day they can return to their perch in Lowell. Until then, they are content with their humble practice set and the memory of their former glory.