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The ‘Spirited Away’ Soundtrack at 20: Rediscovering the Name of Life

I don’t really remember the first time I watched “Spirited Away” — but its soundtrack, like Chihiro’s hair tie, will always be a connection to Miyazaki’s unforgettable cinematic world, shining with the warmth of “One Summer’s Day.”

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Gone’ by Rosé

Two years after first recording the track and just over two months after its widely acclaimed debut at Blackpink’s virtual concert, Rosé finally shared the music video for “Gone” on April 4.

‘40:42’ Review: Sam Gendel and Goose Cover Vampire Weekend

When the New York-based indie rockers commissioned two covers of the “Father of the Bride” co-lead single “2021” from saxophonist Sam Gendel and jam band Goose, their only requirement was that each one last exactly 20 minutes and 21 seconds.