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‘Sidelines’ Review: Phoebe Bridgers Shoves Her Fears Aside

A quietly resolute statement of bravery written for the upcoming TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel “Conversations with Friends,” Bridgers’ latest work rises to the forefront of her discography both on its own and in dialogue with her previous output.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: Not Your Average DMV Trip

Rodrigo couldn’t have chosen a better venue for her Dec. 7 NPR Tiny Desk (home) concert than a vacant DMV office, whose “interesting vibes” she noted during her set of four songs from “SOUR.”

Arts Vanity: On Love and ‘League of Legends’

I still wonder at how a game whose goal is destruction so powerfully asserts the joy of creating — and how, when my friend Leo and I were hundreds of miles apart, it was Summoner's Rift that brought us closer than ever.