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Marcus B. Montague-Mfuni

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To Those Who Aspire to Lead The Harvard Crimson

As Chair of the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee this past year, part of my work naturally centered on improving our historic lack of diversity. This issue hastily leads to investigating why there is an anti-Crimson stigma among communities of color on Harvard’s campus. In digging for the roots of anti-Crimson stigma, I found patterns in many of those regrettable moments I mentioned that inform some crucial recommendations I will make today.

Don’t Call What Israel is Doing Apartheid

Apartheid, to the people it has directly affected, refers to something quite distinct and I would like to give those events their own sanctified space in our language.

Mayor Janey, 'Ending Racism’ Requires a Look at Boston Public Schools

For a plan to have any chance at “ending” racism, it must reach out further than this strictly two-pronged approach. Another important system demanding attention is Boston Public Schools.

Post-Trump Clarity

For the sake of moving America forward and leaving toxic politics in the past, I am giving up on accepting the degradation of politics to a lowly sport. I implore you to do the same.

Why ‘Free Speech’ Is Dead On Campuses

I, and many others, will not stop using our own free speech to attempt to ensure that our humanity is never on the table again — honoring our ancestry demands that.

The Harvard Crimson Is A Black Space Now

I realize that many of my fellow Black peers have decided against joining The Crimson for reasons of their own. But I must urge them — you — all to give it another consideration.

Supporting Everything Black Is Stupid

The way we can prevent the need for painful revisions of our perfect and simple histories is to write them with a nuanced perspective in real-time.