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Harvard Will End Isolation Housing, Stop Conducting Contact Tracing During Spring Semester

Harvard students who test positive for Covid-19 during the spring semester will be required to self-isolate — not move into University-provided isolation housing — and conduct contact tracing themselves, a stark departure from the school’s previous public health policies.

Acrimony and Inefficiency Mar Inaugural UC Meeting Under Cheng and de Kanter

Michael Y. Cheng ’22 and Emmett E. de Kanter ’24 were inaugurated as president and vice president of the Undergraduate Council Sunday during an acrimonious meeting that was derailed by accusations of bullying and intimidation leveled at the new president.

UC Presidential Inauguration Michael Cheng

The Undergraduate Council inaugurated Michael Y. Cheng '22 as its new president Sunday.

UC Leadership Refutes Accusations of Tax Fraud

Harvard Undergraduate Council President Noah A. Harris ’22 and Vice President Jenny Y. Gan ’22 defended the Council against accusations that it committed tax fraud by failing to maintain its nonprofit status in an interview Monday.

UC Stands Against Course Preview Period, Establishes Advocacy Fund

The Undergraduate Council passed legislation to release a statement against Harvard’s decision to hold a course preview period and to establish an advocacy fund on Sunday evening.

UC Supports Grad Student Union, Subsidizes Printing and Laundry Costs

The Harvard Undergraduate Council passed legislation to officially stand behind Harvard graduate student workers ahead of a potential strike and to extend funds to support financial aid-eligible students’ printing and laundry costs.