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No One Comes Out for Fun

No matter how coming out goes, it’s a big deal and not something to be taken lightly. It takes so much bravery to come out. To say to the world or maybe just the people you care about that this is who I am and how I love when large swathes of the world will hate you for that alone. If someone gathers the courage and strength to come out to you, they do not deserve to be met with skepticism. It could not have been easy for them to come to terms with their own identity, to war within themself over who to tell and how, and to finally say those words to you.

A Love Letter to Long Distance

If it hasn’t been made strikingly obvious yet, I am a hopeless romantic without much to back it up with. I am writing a series of love letters for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day in one of the saddest, most distant years for love. I am in a long-term long-distance relationship. Maybe I’m just naive, but I believe in love over everything threatening to pull it apart.

A Love Letter to the Walk from Mather House to the Yard

I think of the people I would walk to, no matter the distance, just to be together with them in the flesh, physically tangible, breathing the same air. How, at the end of the world, if all the trains and buses and planes in the world shut down and there was no easy way to reach anyone, I would run to see some people for the last time. To hold their hands and look at them in the eyes as we say goodbye.

A Love Letter to People Who Have Since Forgotten About Me

I leave people behind in life like a trail of early exits and connections gone cold, and it’s only gotten worse with age. Especially now in college, when the face of every new person I meet at a party with the music too loud and every classmate suffering in the same breakout room fades too quickly into the amorphous mass of people I have already forgotten.

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

In the majority of our lives, we’re nice people — we swear. But with our friends, we can be a little mean.

The Case Against Mandatory Preferred Gender Pronouns

PGPs are not yet ingrained enough in our culture for people to state them unprompted. Any proposed solution to this balancing act of a problem will put some portion of the trans and non-binary community in uncomfortable situations.

A Definitive Ranking of Dhall Tea Flavors

Yes, the dhall staff looked at me weird, and I felt like an incredible nuisance when I asked for one of each tea flavor during lunch. It was all so you could have this objectively correct ranking — don’t say I never did anything for you.