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Past and Present: The (In)Visibility of Black Lower Level Faculty

Harvard must strike a balance between hiring extraordinary scholars and professors — those who have broken the glass ceiling in their fields — and hiring lower level Black faculty who are just entering academia, but have so much to offer.

SCOTUS Says Black People Can Go To War, But Not To Class

By stating that military academies stand to benefit from race-conscious affirmative action, the Court appears to blatantly admit that diversity is both beneficial and necessary in those spaces. Then, regardless of the opinion’s ambiguous language, this footnote implies something far more sinister.

Society Thinks Black Girls are Ugly

To be a Black girl in America is to trust that you’re beautiful when the world covers the mirrors. Black girls, I see you. And, more importantly, I am not afraid to look at you.

From Cross Burnings to Microaggressions: Black Students Are Not Your Designated Race Experts

Black students cannot be the designated race experts anymore. I have been one of those students. J. Max Bond Jr. was one of those students. It is not our job to educate the University and its affiliates on how to address its historic oppression of people of color. If Harvard wants to strengthen their new initiative for more diversity and institutional accountability, Black students alone can’t fuel it.

Why Comparing White Nationalists to BLM Protestors is Harmful

I could list a dozen comparisons between this rampage and last year’s Black Lives Matter protests; but it would be immoral and unnecessary. The two should not be compared, because they are not the same. Equating the motivations of Black Lives Matter protests to the recklessness behind the Capitol riots weakens our fight for equality and justice.