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Let Your Harvard Square Favs Reveal Your Red Flags

Whether you need to grab a last-minute birthday card or snag a late-night burrito, the Square has you covered. Since there are so many options to choose from, your go-to spots are very telling about the inner workings of your personality. Got any red flags? Well, you do now. Take this quiz to reveal them.

Adams House

What’s not to love about Adams House? From the old academia, Hogwarts-esque golden-gilded rooms to the incredible proximity to your classes in the Yard, it’s prime for romanticizing your time at Harvard (plus, it’s being renovated)! Perfect for dog and cat lovers (scroll down for a sneak peak of the resident pets, you won’t be disappointed), Adams is known for its tight-knit community and support system.

Riding the Bandwagon: Watching the Superbowl Like an Actual Sports Fan

This year I decided to buy into the mindset and watch the Super Bowl LVI as if I knew what was going on. Don’t worry, I do in fact know how football works (I’m not that much of a NARP), but I didn’t fully comprehend all of the planning and hype that goes into watching experiencing the Super Bowl in particular. Here’s what went into the night:

Meet Lindsay Reed, Harvard’s Tequila Tastemaker

Harvard-Yale season is here, and I know we're all looking for the latest trends to spice up the weekend (besides the constant Bumble merch!). Well look no further! Check out our profile on Harvard student Lindsay W. Reed ’23 and her very own canned tequila cocktail business to bring the fun!