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Cabot House

Welcome to Cabot House! Don’t let the mascot fool you: there’s nothing fishy about Cabot House. In fact, the only thing Cabot takes more seriously than fish is its slogan “Semper Cor” (which translates to “Always Heart”). Dive into the water, relax, and let Cabot glub glub its way into your heart.

From The Archives — Flyby Tries: Sleepover in Cabot Library

Raymond and Annette are two students who are taking multiple p-set classes. As a result, they spend most of their time grueling over their homework at Cabot Library. In fact, they probably spend more time at Cabot than they do in their own dorms. One day, they had a groundbreaking idea to hold a Sleepover in Cabot™ because… why not? They were young, naive, and excited to make memories in their dorm away from dorm.

What We Wished We Had Done During Visitas

After two long years, Visitas is finally back in person! So get hyped and more importantly be prepared for a weekend of fun, exploration, and learning. Here at Flyby, we know that things can be a little stressful, but rest assured because two eager writers (who sadly never got to experience in-person Visitas) are sharing what they wish they did to maximize the experience.

Campus Celebrities

Harvard is not only one of the most renowned schools in the world, but it also is home to many amazing people, places, and things. Whether you’re taking a nice stroll across the Yard or relaxing outside the Science Center, you are sure to run into our many campus celebrities. Make sure to read up so when an opportunity to meet some of our favorite and famous parts of Harvard strikes, you will be able to recognize it!

Currier House

Welcome to Currier House, a House you’ll definitely want to “curry favor” with the Housing Gods for! Get it? With kitchens galore, (objectively) the best food on campus, and spacious singles to crash from your food coma, Currier House is truly unmatched. But the best part of getting housed into Currier is immediately being welcomed into its community (oh, and maybe the fountain in the dhall).

Flyby Tries: The New Harvard Square Ben & Jerry’s

Flyby writers Raymond Wu and Annette Kim test out the new Ben & Jerry’s shop that recently opened up in the Square. Is it worth it to brave the cold Cambridge weather to eat even colder ice cream? Read to find out!