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Raymond Wu

Contributing writer Raymond Wu can be reached at raymond.wu@thecrimson.com.

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How to: Speedrun Course Registration

Course registration is among us, and with that comes all the anxiety and excitement of new possibilities and wonders. So many new, beautiful things to learn and discuss. But let’s be real: you probably just want to get it over with. Here’s Flyby’s tips on how to speedrun course registration.

Flyby's Hopes for 2024

As the semester winds down and you reflect on the past few months, you also have new hopes and aspirations for the upcoming semester. Read this article to find out what it is that you want.

A Week in the Life of a Harvard Student

Do you know the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of being a Harvard student? Do you feel a crushing sense of dread every Sunday? Whether you answered yes, no, or maybe so, learn what one Flyby writer has to say about the vibes of each day of the week.

Cabot House

Welcome to Cabot House! Don’t let the mascot fool you: there’s nothing fishy about Cabot House. In fact, the only thing Cabot takes more seriously than fish is its slogan “Semper Cor” (which translates to “Always Heart”). Dive into the water, relax, and let Cabot glub glub its way into your heart.

From The Archives — Flyby Tries: Sleepover in Cabot Library

Raymond and Annette are two students who are taking multiple p-set classes. As a result, they spend most of their time grueling over their homework at Cabot Library. In fact, they probably spend more time at Cabot than they do in their own dorms. One day, they had a groundbreaking idea to hold a Sleepover in Cabot™ because… why not? They were young, naive, and excited to make memories in their dorm away from dorm.