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h bomb

In 2004, some Harvard students started publishing H Bomb, a student-run magazine about sex that included writings, art, and nude pictures of Harvard undergraduates.

Indie Berg

On an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon in Annenberg Hall, your writer plunges into the unknown. I remove the over-the-ear headphones practically fused to my skin. I shudder without their warm embrace.

EA Scrut Cover Image

“Most of us want to improve the world. We see suffering, injustice, and death and feel moved to do something about it,” the Harvard EA website says. “But figuring out what that ‘something’ is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge. Effective altruism is a response to this challenge.” Can it live up to that goal?

ChatGPT Learning

Students might be tempted to rely on ChatGPT’s outputs for critical thinking. “That’s great,” Hamilton says. “But am I losing my ability to do precisely that for myself?”

ChatGPT Google Translate

In some language classes threats posed by intelligent technology are nothing new. Prior iterations of French 50 already included measures to limit students’ ability to use tools like Google Translate for assignments.

ChatGPT Wikipedia

ChatGPT’s training likely involved processing most of the text on the internet — an ocean of niche Wikipedia articles, angry YouTube comment threads, poorly written fan fiction, recipes for muffins, and everything in between.

ChatGPT Time

ChatGPT can condense hours of work into minutes, an enticing prospect for many. Students have many different demands on their time, and not everyone puts academics first.

ChatGPT Cover

Professors are already grappling with whether to ban ChatGPT or let students use it. But beyond this semester, larger questions loom. Will AI simply become another tool in every cheater’s arsenal, or will it radically change what it means to learn?