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Josh D. Willcox

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To the Editor: When Will You Stop Silencing Palestine?

This is exactly why The Crimson’s silence is so ironic. Even in its outrage over a matter of suppression of free speech because of outspokenness in support of Palestinian liberation, The Crimson has managed to paper over Palestine.

Palestinian Freedom Goes Beyond Giving Kenneth Roth a Fellowship

To call for accountability means to go beyond echoing the politically neutral call for free speech and ask ourselves difficult questions: In silencing Kenneth Roth, what was Harvard trying to shield its students from? And in reinstating his fellowship without addressing its own considerable bias, who does Harvard continue to silence?

If You Really Want to Make a Change, Start Organizing

Do you really want to look back when you’re older and think to yourself that you stayed silent while others spoke up? Teach yourself how to speak up, because Harvard won’t. If you really want to make a change, start organizing.