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Prince A. Williams

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When Harvard Became Black

As we reflect on our rich tradition, we have a choice: Lose our connection to it or allow it to inform our quest for Justice in the here and now.

From Vietnam to Palestine: How Harvard Suppresses Student Protest

The use of the Statement on Rights and Responsibilities to go after generations of student activists leaves little doubt as to their purpose.

In Our Thousands, In Our Millions

They tried to scare us by threatening our future employment or calling for us to get suspended, yet it only reinforced our commitment to the political and human rights of the Palestinian people.

City Upon A Hill of Skulls

We must look through the eyes of history to understand the true nature of Winthrop’s catastrophic legacy. It is a legacy built on the genocide of the Indigenous population.

Why You Should Support The Harvard Undergraduate Workers Union

We cannot isolate the Harvard Undergraduate Workers Union from Harvard or the labor movement within higher education. It is part of a national and global working-class struggle.

Hip-Hop at 50: Let’s Get Free

As hip-hop turns 50 this year, we have an important opportunity for reflection. Let’s not just listen — let’s consider this powerful style of bounce and rhythm’s deep roots in protest.

The New AFRO: A Call For Black Political Organization

Effective Black political organizing will see to it that new University leadership catches up to our vision of safety, education, and health for Black students in a truly anti-racist campus.