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Blood Gone Red / Blood Song

Dylan R. Ragas ’26’s column, “Yard Sale Organs,” is a collection of poems that attempt to make sense of a past — real, imagined, but mostly somewhere in between.

Verona / Manhunt

Been thinking a lot about orange and blue. Sun on brick and cerulean skies. How you’d see it and from what vantage point. It’s feeling like

Gatsby / 51mm

Gatsby To see dawn’s red face, angry against a brooding  horizon. Your dowdy eyes, your tears: pearly,  lactic. Two fingers pressed to the roof  of your mouth, the prickle and the purge. I slice

On Creating Demons / Fresh Eyes

A chicken crows evening in a hideaway hen– house, songs of remembering and choosing. I left my vitality, once, in the arm of your apartment, a crooked yellow elbow. Do you remember?