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From the Boston Book Festival: YA Authors Discuss Compelling Characters and Young Love

Spanning genre and subject matter, the panel centered around three recently released novels that include romantic subplots subverted by family, forbidden love, and coming of age struggles: “Teach the Torches to Burn,” “The Other Side of Infinity,” and “Sing Me To Sleep.”

‘If It Sounds Like a Quack…’ Review: A Sensationalized, Pseudo-Scientific Saga

While the personalities mentioned in Hongoltz-Hetling’s non-fiction work may sound outrageous, they set the stage for an examination of a preposterous yet very real danger to American healthcare — quack medicine.

Top Ten Halloween Reads

Curating a lineup of the finest horror stories to celebrate the scariest time of year, The Harvard Crimson kept in mind that our readers have discerning palates for horror.