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Katherrin A. Billordo

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Reunidos and Caída del hombre

“Reunidos” graphite/gold leaf drawing (left) and “Caída del hombre” terracotta incense holder sculpture (right).

The Purge

Graffitied murals, overgrown weeds, cracked support pillars, and displaced residents lie below the trail. A closer inspection of the scene reveals the harsh reality of the 606 and other public projects that indirectly trigger gentrification.

Arquitectura Mexicana

I was 15 when I first visited my homeland for the first time. My mother’s stories and media like “Coco” had familiarized me with aspects of my Mexican culture, but this didn’t compare to seeing it in person.

Arquitectura Mexicana Image 2

Orizaba, Veracruz, also known as “La Ciudad de las Aguas Alegres“ (the city of merry waters).