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On Sisterhood: Women’s Colleges Past and Present

Who Harvard is intended to serve often feels dictated by its long history as an Old Boys’ club for the white, the wealthy, and the male — but from my dormitory window, I see a university that is as much mine as any man’s, and I am hopeful for its future. ​​​​​​

To Harvard’s Leading Women

Some of the women I spoke to from the Class of 1973 highlighted how their trajectory at the College was immensely shaped not only by women they called their friends and peers, but often by those who advised and taught them. They were women of Harvard, too.

Of Writers and Rowers

McKenna E. McKrell ’26, a Crimson Editorial editor, lives in Adams House. Her column, “Seven Sisters and the Old Boys’ Club” runs tri-weekly on Wednesdays.

Seven Sisters and the Old Boys’ Club

Though Radcliffe continues to do important work, perhaps it is time to revisit the role it can play in the undergraduate experience. Calling for its revitalization as a resource for undergraduates is only the beginning of my attempt to understand how women continue to carve out a place for themselves at this storied old boys’ club.