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Julien Berman

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For Harvard, the Name Is the Game

Yes, Harvard already receives hundreds of millions of dollars annually in current use gifts. But we should get more. My strategy: First, sell even more naming rights, and second, let the market set their prices.

Students Make Bad Career Choices. Harvard Should Step In.

Harvard isn’t a government, but it does have a vested interest in the contributions that students make to society once they graduate. As such, Harvard can and should take similar steps to influence students’ choices.

Teach for Prestige

The million dollar question: How can we incentivize more college students — especially ones graduating from Harvard and other elite institutions — to become teachers?

The Conveyor Belt To Corporate Law

So, to all students interested in using law to change the world: Don’t let yourself get swept up in the corporate current. Recognize the structural forces you will need to constantly resist. Otherwise, you’ll probably wake up in 20 years at a large law firm, whether or not that’s what you really wanted.