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The Courtyards

So, there you have it — a tour of the House courtyards, minus most of the usual Lowell bias. Next time you're sprinting to another House’s dining hall, take a moment to pause, relax, and find a new way to escape.

Only a Brief Detour

The Adolphus Busch courtyard is not just a space but an experience. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity, you really have no excuse not to venture into this gem. And even if you’re a tad bit late to class, do take this seemingly out-of-the-way shortcut.

The Best-Kept SECret

Despite the SEC’s grandeur, mentions of it still seem to evoke images of endless slabs of concrete and problem sets. Why, given its architectural brilliance and natural splendor, does it remain overshadowed by the charm of Harvard’s more traditional spots?

You Just Can’t Get Lost

In the labyrinth, as in our academic and personal journeys, the winding path itself holds as much significance as the endpoint. Every twist and turn, every moment of introspection, adds depth to our experience. The labyrinth has one path that always leads to the center.