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Tehle E. Ross

Contributing writer Tehle E. Ross can be reached at tehle.ross@thecrimson.com.

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How To: Rationalize Not Studying For Your Final

After enduring months of cold, dreary weather, it feels criminal to hole up in Lamont to study for a silly little exam, missing out on all that spring in Boston has to offer. So, do you really need to study for that final? After all, the content on the exam is intuitive…right?

How to Make the Most Out of Visitas: Do’s and Don’ts

So, you got into Harvard, but what now? Visitas! Here’s how to maximize your experience at Visitas as a pre-frosh from a current freshman. Warning: these tips may cause you to fall in love with Harvard and immediately commit.

Winthrop House

Lions Gotta Eat! If you’re lucky enough to be sorted into Winthrop House, get excited for weekly paw-ffice hours, fierce intramural competition, and house-wide trivia nights. Winthrop boasts an impressive list of alumni, including President John F. Kennedy ‘40, actor B.J. Novak ‘01, and J. Robert Oppenheimer, Class of 1925. Yes, that Oppenheimer. With renovations and prime housing options that make Winthrop feel like a high-end hotel, Winthropians live in luxury. There’s no shortage of ThropLove at this River House!

An Ode to Spring Break at Home

You heard it here first: Spring Break at home is the ultimate college getaway. Here’s why spending your break at home is definitely, totally just as cool as a tropical vacay.

Love It/Hate It: The Turkey Mascot

Have a particularly strong opinion about the proposed Turkey mascot? If so, read this article to see if these two writers side with you. If you have no strong opinion, read the article and pick a side.

Five Restaurants to Try During Parents Weekend

With Family Weekend around the corner, the biggest question everyone will have on their minds will be deciding where to eat. Lucky for you, Flyby’s got some recommendations to take the whole group out. Happy dining!

How To: Have a Gilmore Girls Fall (Harvard Edition)

The sun is officially setting before 7 p.m., so you know what that means… Gilmore Girls season! This fall season, here are a few ways to channel your inner Gilmore girl and appreciate this time of year to the fullest.