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Israeli Retaliation Could Light Mideast Fuse

To the editors: In its editorial, “Israel’s Inalienable Right” ( Editorial, Sept. 25 ), the Crimson staff is right on


Our Hearts of Darkness

What would we do if Europe was in ruins? Imagine, for a moment, that anarchy reigned in central Europe and


What Massacre?

How does a massacre in the most-watched part of the world go unnoticed? Amazing what you can do when you


Working With Warlords

Pop Quiz: Who is the leader of Afghanistan? If you said, “Hamid Karzai,” you are wrong. Although Karzai enjoys the


The Iraqi-Palestinian Link

Items number one and two on Saddam Hussein’s to-do list: write ‘thank you’ letters to Hamas and Ariel Sharon. Had


Patriotism and its Discontents

A lengthy e-mail from an avid Crimson reader disrupted an otherwise pleasant Wednesday morning: “Tell you what, Hasan,” it began,


Cambridge Occupied

Last Thursday, I watched an Israeli soldier harass a Palestinian woman as she struggled desperately to cross a “checkpoint” to


Letter to Sharon

To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon From: F.W. de Klerk, former President of South Africa (1989-1994) Dear Ariel, You may not


After Arafat and Sharon

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reached new levels of barbarism this past week, nobody was talking about a peace agreement. The


Rethinking Phase Two

“Afghanistan is just the beginning of the war against terror,” declared a resolute George W. Bush on Nov. 21. Now


Paved With Good Intentions

In war, what distinguishes the good guys from the bad? The bad guys take aim at the innocent and the


Bringing Hate to Harvard

For those of you accustomed to seeing the term “ethnic cleansing” in articles about far-away places, this might come as


The Media War

On the eve of the one-month anniversary of the World Trade Center attack, ran a front-page headline that read,


What We Should Have Done

As America moves from shock, to grief, to revenge, there is an ever-increasing onus on our leaders and experts to


The Victims, Then and Now

Last Tuesday, I did not want to think about the political aftermath of the World Trade Center bombings. It was