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Master Race

F ORTY-SEVENTH STREET between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in New York, known in the city as the diamond district, is

Coming back and taking leave

Dawn Hudson '77-3 started thinking about taking time off from Harvard during her sophomore year, but at least at first,

Taking the Easy Way Out

T HE POINT OF documentary cinema at its best is to convey things as they really are, events as they


Chinatown. They'll make a mint showing this, and they deserve to. What seemed to be another cashing-in on the spate

The New Isolationism

ONCE AGAIN, only this time with greater potential than ever before, proponents of isolationism are letting their voices be heard

Breaking the Code

T HERE ARE THOSE nations which, by the very nature of their regimes, seem to be grist for self-styled international

Live Loeb or Die

I F YOU'RE wondering why you've never heard of the above Amoskeag Press, it's because there is no such outfit

Soviet Doctors Visit Harvard While on a Nation-Wide Tour

A group of eight Soviet physicians visited the Medical School yesterday on the first leg of a national tour sponsored

A New, Tough Stand

As Edward W. Powers, Harvard's director of employee relations, said yesterday, "Dave Gorski was brought here to make changes." Gorski,