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Moynihan Wins in New York, Takes 70 Per Cent of City

NEW YORK--Daniel P. Moynihan, professor of Government, roared to a decisive victory in the New York Senate race yesterday, upending

Master Race

F ORTY-SEVENTH STREET between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in New York, known in the city as the diamond district, is

Taking the Easy Way Out

T HE POINT OF documentary cinema at its best is to convey things as they really are, events as they

Coming back and taking leave

Dawn Hudson '77-3 started thinking about taking time off from Harvard during her sophomore year, but at least at first,


Chinatown. They'll make a mint showing this, and they deserve to. What seemed to be another cashing-in on the spate

The New Isolationism

ONCE AGAIN, only this time with greater potential than ever before, proponents of isolationism are letting their voices be heard

Breaking the Code

T HERE ARE THOSE nations which, by the very nature of their regimes, seem to be grist for self-styled international

Live Loeb or Die

I F YOU'RE wondering why you've never heard of the above Amoskeag Press, it's because there is no such outfit

Soviet Doctors Visit Harvard While on a Nation-Wide Tour

A group of eight Soviet physicians visited the Medical School yesterday on the first leg of a national tour sponsored

A New, Tough Stand

As Edward W. Powers, Harvard's director of employee relations, said yesterday, "Dave Gorski was brought here to make changes." Gorski,

Will the Truth Finally Emerge?

"The key to the whole thing is the Freedom of Information Act. If we can just get our hands on

Behind The Axes

T HE RECENT shakeup of the Ford administration lends itself to a conspiratorial analysis, but not entirely. Attributing ideological motivation

Compromise With the Cops

There won't be a police strike at Harvard this year. Not that one was ever really in the offing, but

Harvard and Cops Settle on New Pact

The Patrolmen's Association, the union of the University police force, ratified a new contract with Harvard last week after five

Harvard and Police Make No Progress In Contract Talks

Harvard negotiators and representatives of the Patrolmen's Association, the University police force union, made "no progress" toward an agreement on