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Adams to Richardson

LONDON--They had Harvard night at the American Embassy here in early November. Bernard Bailyn, Winthrop Professor of American History, was

An Athletic Trial of Merger

Athletes and sports commentators have always described their calling in grand terms: "the drama of athletic competition," "the thrill of

The Other Lost Cause

L EGEND HAS IT that the American South is a monolith. It had all begun by 1861, the story goes.

Judge Says 'Dual Cities' Block Progress Toward Integration

Two decades after the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision, which declared segregated public schools unconstitutional, the race

It Seems Some Are Shortchanged

When Harvard performs the laying-of-hands ceremony on its select student superstars, it often seems to keep its hands off women

ACLU's Morgan Plays Cowboy To Harvard Law's Puritans

"You can do things for the just society in the United States. The Constitution is a pretty radical document. It

Over Hill, Over Dale

I'd like to talk about divine retribution. But first, a little background information about my youth in Birmingham, Ala. When

Billy Graham: He Walks, He Talks, He Sells Salvation

Billy Graham is everywhere. He popped up this week on President Nixon's list of charitable contributions. His prerecorded presence graces

The Tide Rolls On

No one grows up in Birmingham, Alabama, without drinking in the city's mania for football--intoxication is part of the heritage.

Contenders for Agnew's Job

Speculation on a possible successor to Vice President Agnew raises the question of how much weight President Nixon places on

David Donald: 'Non-Harvard Man'

D AVID H. Donald, the new Warren Professor of American History, once told a student that he would have preferred

Harvard Tightens Its Budget; The Grad Students Tighten Their Belts

D ISRUPTIVE DEBATES over University finance and graduate education have become an annual Harvard Spring rite. For the second consecutive

Radcliffe Starts Merger Fund For Sex-Blind Scholarships

The Radcliffe College Fund office has approved a new scholarship fund intended to speed the merger of the Harvard and

Netmen Overpower Dartmouth To Reach for League Laurels

The Harvard tennis team, setting sites on a second-place perch in Eastern intercollegiate rankings, powered past a well-trained Dartmouth squad,

Grad School Bungles, Cost: $400,000

The Graduate Student and Teaching Fellow Union, despite a sadly abortive attempt last month to defeat the GSAS's new financial