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Feminism and Apple Cider

Strains of Gilbert and Sullivan drifted up Agassiz's broad stairwell, along the hall, and up some narrow hidden steps in

Positive Capability

S OME NOVELISTS MAKE you feel like you're looking into a mirror. The shock of coming upon one of your

New York: Ford's New Football

T HANKS TO PRESIDENT FORD, New York City's financial crisis has made it into the national news. For months the

Another Austen

D IETIES TO THE contrary notwithstanding, great writers are mortal: this is perhaps their greatest failing. When you've finished that

Harvard, Radcliffe Classes Reunite After 25 Years

Nobody has ever been able to figure out exactly who is in the Radcliffe class of 1950: full class listings

Speakers Discuss Science as Aspect Of Power Structure

Scientific research is a reflection of the existing social order, three speakers told a Med School audience at a panel

The Scoop on Steve's Ice Cream

On the bulletin board in the back of Steve's Ice Cream there is a copy of a letter that owner

Weinberger Discusses Higher Education

Caspar W. Weinberger '38, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, opened a three-day undergraduate conference on education last night with

Dartmouth Faculty Rejects Proposal to Reinstitute ROTC

The Dartmouth Faculty of Arts and Sciences this week voted overwhelmingly against the return of the Reserve Officers Training Corps

Woman Is Raped Friday Night In Vicinity of Harvard Square

A "member of the Harvard community" was raped Friday night, Deane W. Lord, director of Information, said last night. Lord,

Harvard's Foot Dragging

A MASSACHUSETTS politician once remarked that Harvard makes a very good landmark from which to note the progress of the

Abortions: A Miscarriage of Justice

N O ONE IS pleased with the new bill restricting abortions that the Massachusetts legislature passed this summer; practically no

An Athletic Trial of Merger

Athletes and sports commentators have always described their calling in grand terms: "the drama of athletic competition," "the thrill of

Doctors Find Drug May Cut Severity Of Cardiac Attacks

Two assistant professors at the Medical School may have discovered a substance that reduces tissue damage after heart attacks in

B&G Treats and Replaces Diseased Elms in Yard

Harvard is fighting what may be a losing battle against a serious increase of often-fatal Dutch elm disease, in an