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Dr. Ruth Lectures on Campus

Dispensing anatomical advice with the charm of a Keebler elf, psychologist Ruth Westheimer delivered a rambling lecture to an audience

Fonda, Turner Visit IOP

Movie star Jane Fonda and media entrepreneur Ted Turner approached the Harvard campus from all angles yesterday--speaking at an Institute

Dukakis Speaks at Kennedy School

Former Massachusetts governor and 1988 Democratic presidential nominee Michael S. Dukakis--speaking to approximately 600 people at the Kennedy School of

A Summer of Love

A llen Ginsberg. Timothy Leary. The Grateful Dead. These men were the links in the daisy chain of 1960s counterculture,

For Dunster Tutor Noel Ignatiev, A Lifetime of Fighting 'Injustice'

Like a hero of the Old West, Noel Ignatiev is known by a nom de guerre. But that nom de

Author Says Women's Movement Under Fire

The women's movement is coming under increasing attack from angry men and an anxious culture, said best-selling author Susan C.

Pre-Frosh Hospitalized With Alcohol Poisoning

A Missouri high school senior visiting Harvard this weekend spent a night in Mt. Auburn Hospital after drinking half a

250 Rally Against Violence

Holding candles and listening to personal stories and songs, about 250 people attended the annual Take Back the Night rally

Housing Lottery Randomizes 12%

Looking alternately happy and stunned, first-years entered the Harvard Union for lunch yesterday after receiving their lottery assignments to find

Raul Julia Discusses Acting, Service

Mixing mysticism with acting tips, actor Raul Julia spoke yesterday at a Currier House reception. Julia, who came to the

Spiegelman Discusses Holocaust, Humor

Blending Holocaust and humor, cartoonist Art Spiegelman spoke to a packed crowd at the Yenching Library last night about his


N ietzsche, misanthropy and "Elvis is cool." Students don't take spray paint to Harvard's ivy and red brick, but in

Douglas Claims Pudding Pot

Actor Michael Douglas turned the tables on his hosts, roasting the roasters at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the

A Fiddler on the Roof-esque Dating Service And Other Notes

The ad in the yellow pages features a photo of a beaming, grandmotherly Zelda Fischer. But Gentlepeople, the dating service

Jodie Foster Takes Home Pudding Pot

Dodging a barrage of crowd-pleasing insults to her alma mater Yale University, actor Jodie Foster accepted a gold "Pudding Pot"