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Sullivan Workers Solicit Near Polls, Ignore Legal Limit

Political workers supporting Cambridge Mayor Walter J. Sullivan's bid to become sheriff of Middlesex County apparently broke a state law

Busing Sparks New Protests

Columbia Point residents have once again turned their interest to the school situation in South Boston as police resumed normal

Report Recommends Changes In Busch-Reisinger Exhibits

A plan that would change the focus of the Busch-Reisinger Museum has aroused considerable opposition from both the Fine Arts

Ford Plans Harvard Visit; GOP Club to Honor Him

Vice President Gerald R. Ford will visit Harvard briefly on March 11 to receive the Harvard Young Republican Club's 1974

Bok Committee Offers Students Car, Whistles to Deter Crime

The Harvard University Police will offer rides throughout the campus for students unable to reach the shuttle-buses or to obtain

Dean Sees Tuition Rise, Hikes in Room and Board

Tuition and room and board will rise for students in the 1974-5 school year, Robert E. Kaufmann '62, assistant dean

Vorenberg Renews Work On Watergate Prosecution

James Vorenberg '48, professor of Law and a former consultant to special prosecutor Archibald Cox '34, rejoined the Watergate special

Eli Cancellation Puts Red Top Race in Doubt; Harvard Seeks New Uses for Crew's Camp

Harvard is trying to find alternate uses for its crew training quarters at Ledyard, Conn. The crew has used the

Crime Committee Head Urges Masters to Take the Initiative

The chairman of the Committee on Violent Crime said yesterday that House masters should take the initiative in implementing security

Lack of Fuel May Force Shift in Vacation, Housing

Harvard will consider changing its calendar for this winter if plans to conserve energy by lowering building temperatures and closing

Fuel Shortage Will Not Force Calendar Shift

Harvard will not change its academic calendar because of the energy crisis "except as a final resort," Stephen S.J. Hall,

Heroin Cure Works in Three Months, OK to Test on Parolees, Patch Says

Use of heroin-blocking agents on addicted ex-convicts "will cure their desire for heroin within three months," a Harvard Medical School

Trivia Team Beats the Inmates From Mass. State Penitentiary

The Harvard Trivia Team, an unofficial student organization, beat the inmates of the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Norfolk Saturday night.

Newly Enacted Liquor Tax Causes Local Buying Spree

Liquor stores around the Square yesterday reported large buying sprees in an attempt to beat the federal tax hike effective

Ex-Political Prisoner of Peron's Brands Argentinian Revolt 'Bluff'

Ex-Argentinian Walter N. Beveraggi-Allende 4G, onetime political prisoner under the Peron regime, yesterday called the Argentine Army revolt and the