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There Aren't No Lectures To Be Heard

This past week parodies of two of the country's rags rolled off the presses to a chorus of laughter and

Gems for the Jaded

I've been a senior for less than a month but already I'm sick of it. The toga parties and all

From the Inane to the International

"Welcome back to school kids. For your first homework assignment, I want you to write an essay on what you

Fighting to Make a Name for Himself

The candidate glances apprehensively at his watch, grimacing when he realizes he is running 15 minutes behind schedule. His advance

Old Ghosts and a Bow from the Crackerjack King

During last week's demonstrations, marches and sit-outs to protest Harvard's support of apartheid, an image of myself as a scrawny

No Snappy Titles

With the controversy over last week's television series on the Holocaust still simmering, the appearance here of Telford Taylor, the

Phone Snafu

Twelve of the over 500 Harvard and Cambridge phones that were kicked out of service Sunday morning by a computer

Witcover Uncovers

Damn! My birthday is this weekend. So why am I so upset? I should be happy because I'll be 21

Professor Grinspoon Will Seek Liberalization of Cocaine Laws

A Harvard professor will call this afternoon at a symposium for the liberalization of laws restricting the use of cocaine.