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In Defense of New Haven

NEW HAVEN-—As the buses roll south this afternoon, most of your capacity for scorn is doubtless directed at Yale University:


Thomas’ Letter Mischaracterizes Debate

To the editors: For Professor of Latin and Greek Richard F. Thomas to imply that Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan


Cornel West's Low Blow

Is Cornel West a bigot? Depends on whose standards you’re using. A professional victimologist would immediately red-pencil a statement like


Coming Out to What?

To the editors: I told my parents I was gay in the ninth grade—which made for a scared fourteen-year-old and

The Ghosts in The Walls

As colleges confront a new century, many of their leaders have proclaimed distance learning the wave of the future. Last

Listen to Yo' Mama: Ghartey-Tagoe Wants Seniors To Stop, Smile and Say Hello

By now, many seniors recognize the name of their new first class marshal, Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe '01, who was chosen

Religion and Politics

This has been a banner week for American Jews. When Al Gore '69 announced Tuesday that he had selected Connecticut

Navigating the Perils of an Upperclass Romance

In ninth grade, I had a crush on my high school's entire senior class. The seniors I knew were so

A White Elephant By the Bay

SAN FRANCISCO--As Widener Library slumbers in the dimness of a year-long renovation, the new San Francisco Public Library shines in

The Names in the News

B. J. Averell '02 Sophomore B. J. Averell can teach would-be activists a thing or two about standing up to

'Swing' Shares Final After TF's Laptop Stolen

Officials of a popular Core course made final exam questions available to students Wednesday, just three days before the test,

Harvard: The View From Inside

So, you made it into Hahvahd. You've already taken the tour. You've seen the Statue of the Three Lies, and

Test Prep Courses Stress, Cost Students

It's a warm spring night, but Enko N. Kiprilov '00 is sitting in a Harvard classroom watching an instructor solve

'Everybody Knows Joe': Beloved Van Driver Says Goodbye to the Shuttle

He sees them all: Quadlings working late, professors who don't drive and graduate students from the farthest reaches of Inman

Transfers From Deep Springs College Face Unique Transition

To get to Deep Springs College, you take a one-way bus from Las Vegas that drops you off in the